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No one

17 Apr 2024

It starts with hope.

You mean I can be free of this nagging, worrying, stressed out voice in the head?

You mean it can be peaceful in there?

Then, somehow, the words strike like a match.

There’s no one in there.

There’s no one to push against life.

No one to nag.

No one to stress out.

No one to worry.

No one to fear.

No one to suffer.

The fire takes hold.

No one to push against life.

No one to plan.

No one to make decisions.

No one to defend.

No one to take offence.

No one with a future.

No one with a past.

No one to be born.

No one to die.

The fire spreads. Oh shit.

There’s no one in control.

No one to push against life!

No one to stop this train.

No one to turn around and go back.

No one to unsee this.

No one to…

No one to fear being no one.

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