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How much damage is done in the name of trying to be a good person.

15 Mar 2024

Telling myself that Iā€™m a good person as a way to make up for the fundamental belief that I was bad or broken turned out to be piling yet another layer of lies on top.

So many activities and behaviours and beliefs collected to try to make up for that one fundamental belief, and all of them were nothing more than coping mechanisms.

To see that the concepts of good and bad are just conceptions of the mind, the entire scaffolding begins to fall apart. The fundamental belief was that if left to nature, I would become destructive and careless and hurtful. And yet, the opposite seems to be the case.

Without the dichotomy of good and bad, nature takes care of itself. Just as the birds and trees and beetles do.

That human nature is inherently destructive might be the most destructive belief of all.

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