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Internal conflict is a sign that ego is at work

9 Apr 2024

Only ego can argue with itself. Only ego can hold two views at once. Only ego can hold a view at all.

When no view is held, there’s nothing to argue or argue with.

Try to find the ego, and see that it’s nothing more than thoughts pointing at other thoughts. Nothing solid can be found. Don’t just trust me, look for yourself. Find that entity that seems to be doing the arguing that you call “me”.

When ego is seen as the illusory apparition that it is, it can no longer be attended to like it’s an authority. Inner division begins to fall away.

When ego is no longer believed, there’s nothing to stop us from taking the action in each moment that comes from our deepest desires. This doesn’t come about through settling an internal argument or coming to a logical conclusion. It feels like taking the action that you always wanted to take.

Can you find a disagreement in the senses? Can you find an argument in the soundscape? Can you find opinion or view in any sensation? Is there conflict in the visual field?

It’s only in the narrating thoughts that argument takes place. Yet even that argument is nothing more than a harmless radio playing the greatest hits of the habituated mind on repeat. Notice that you can choose to pay attention to that radio or not, but it’s not what you are.

What part of you would still be here without those thoughts? Attend to that.

Immerse yourself in the senses and let go of attending to thoughts. Decisions, action, and movement will take care of themselves.

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