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Find God empirically

7 Apr 2024

Find god not in scripture.
Nor in ritual.

Find god not in an idea,
A belief,
Or a system.

Don’t look to the sky,
Or outer space.
Or in imagination.

Don’t follow any word,
Inside or out.
Don’t listen to a single soul.
Not even me.

Don’t look for a man with a beard.
A goddess with many arms.
Or a wise prince in a robe.

Don’t hold on to a symbol.
Don’t even look for god.

Look directly.
In your own, undeniable experience.

Look in the place where no belief can touch.
Where reality is clearer than thought.
Where you are.
Where you are.

Look right where you are.

Where sight, sound, sensation coalesce.
Where experience is experienced.
Where time doesn’t pass.
Where belief has no meaning.

Look right where you are.
Look backward,
into yourself.

Where are you?

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