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What would you do if you were already enough?

29 Mar 2024

What decisions would you make if you didn’t need to become somebody?

What would you chase if everything was already here?

What would you let go of if you didn’t need to prove anything?

Where would you go if you didn’t need to get away?

What would you prepare for if you knew that everything’s ok?

How would you spend your life if success and failure meant nothing?

Where would you put your effort if there’s nothing left to achieve?

How would you play if you had no goal?

How would you give if giving cost nothing?

Where would attention go if thoughts held no meaning?

What would you create if judgement didn’t matter?

What would you be afraid of if hurt was as beautiful as joy?

How could you relax if there were nobody here to defend?

What would you discover if you loved the messy parts of yourself?

What would you give up searching for outside if it could be found within?

How would you treat people if they could give you nothing?

Who would you spend time with if you needed nothing?

What would you tell somebody if it didn’t matter how it was received?

How would you love if your heart grew every time it was broken?

What would you risk if fear made you fearless?

What would you do with this moment if the story of your life turned to dust?

What would you do if you were already free?

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